LTHD Corporation Ltd.

The colaboration between Vertical Finance and LTHD Corporation Ltd. cosists of  the realization of the Financial analisys for a project created for obtaining non-refundable funds on the Measure SOP 3.3.1. “Support for the implementation of integrated computer systems and other electronic applications for business management.”


Vertical Finance Ltd.

It was prepared the complete documentation for the investment “E-Entrepreneurship” SOP 3.3.2. “Support for the development of e-commerce and other online solutions for business.”

The investment aims to support young entrepreneurs who want to test their business idea and acquire new skills, but also safe information, tested, to minimize the risks.

V.D.S. Balcan Trade Ltd.

The collaboration between Vertical Finance and V.D.S. Balcan Trade is to prepare complete documentation for investment “Increasing competitiveness of V.D.S. Balcan Trade, by harnessing the potential of implementing internal informatic system of company’s resources management and the implementation of economic analysis applications and managerial support” SOP 3.3.1. “Support for the implementation of integrated computer systems…

Medinet Hygiene Consulting Ltd.

Medinet Hygiene Consulting was established in 2005 with the status of a limited liability company. The main economic activity of the applicant falls within Class 4649 – Wholesale of other household goods. Main products / services offered by the applicant are detergents and disinfectants, trade with medical consumables, pest control services, cleaning services. Area that…

Zrenjanin Red Cross

The collaboration between Vertical Finance and Zrenjanin Red Cross is to prepare specific documentation for the project “Increase the efficiency of intervention services in emergency situations field in the Romania-Serbia cross-border region” between Zrenjanin Red Cross and the City Council of Teregova.